4 Different Bathroom Design Features that People Usually LOVE or HATE…

There are many bathroom room design features that most people love but over the years we’ve found 4 different features that some people love and some people don’t. There usually isn’t a middle ground with the following 4 design features… 

Clear Glass Showers

Many homeowners love clear glass shower because they give a modern look to the bathroom and show off your bathrooms design features. The clear doors make the room look larger also. Many homeowners don’t like the clear glass because of the maintenance they believe it will take to keep them looking their best. A squeegee after each use will do the trick by the way! There is also spot resistant glass you can install that won’t require an maintenance.

Double Sinks

Double sinks are a need when a bathroom is being shared at the same times of the day and the extra sink and counter-space make the bathroom feel less cluttered. On the other hand, many people feel a double sink is unneeded and leave you with more to clean. Some families don’t get ready at the same times and don’t feel the need for a double sink.

Removing the Bathtub

Some people use their bathtubs so rarely that they look at them as wasted space so they replace it with a more spacious shower. Then the tub lovers just can’t believe anyone would ever take out a perfectly good tub for a more spacious shower!

Toilet Closets

Many homeowners create a separate space for the toilet if their bathroom is large. The toilet closet allows for more privacy so that multiple family members can use the bathroom at the same time. Detractors of the toilet closet say that it’s just not needed and don’t like the ideas that the closets don’t contain a sink inside inside the closet. People with multiple bathrooms say they could just go downstairs if they needed to use another bathroom.

It just goes to show that when it comes to bathroom design, your lifestyle and preferences should always take precedence over whatever trends are in at that moment.

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