5 Bathroom Trends You May Want To Install In Your Bathroom…

Find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodels! From bathtubs and showers to sinks and vanities. The newest textures, patterns, prints, finishes, and styles of all sorts are here for the coming year. This round-up contains the hottest designs that can give you the right type of inspiration you didn’t even know you needed. Whether you are building a new home or planning a renovation, the list is sure to spark some creativity. From chic and modern to industrial and vintage, whatever your personal style may be, this is your year for a bathroom remodel. The new bathroom trends take away some of life’s little annoyances and encourage you to give in to some serious relaxation. Cutting edge technology combined with sensory indulgences to create a daily bathing experience. The following trends are sure to make you want to install in your Bathroom…

Freestanding Tubs

Let’s face it, freestanding bathtubs are more trustworthy, whether you like a modern or vintage design. They’ve been really popular in recent years because not only are they gorgeous, but most are actually designed for people who want to enjoy a bath. They make a strong design statement in a room and they come in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your bathroom’s style to a tee. Elegant shapes can create a striking focal point in the bathroom, and their higher sides and excellent temperature retention let you enjoy a deep soak.

Large Tile Preference

Big tile trends are here to stay say, regional industry leaders. The downside of tiled walls and floor is keeping the grout clean. So it is no shock the large tile keeps gaining preference. Larger tile means fewer grout lines, plus larger tiles make a smaller bathroom feel bigger.

Smart Speaker Compatible Fixtures

More and more smart-home and connected-device companies are adding support for smart speakers. So you can control almost anything that uses electricity in your home using your voice. Smart speakers assistants will be integrated invisibly into everyday fixtures, like your shower or medicine cabinet. From Music and TV control to lighting and water temperature, just ask your smart speaker.

High Tech Toilets

High-tech toilets are increasing popularity as a trend lead by Japan. The toilets see things like seat warmers, automatic lid openers, adjustable air dryers, built-in deodorizers and more. The personal spray arms mean a comforting and thoroughly hygienic clean after every use, complete with “lady shower” for females. This also means less toilet paper is needed.
One of the key benefits of a heated toilet is comfort. With functions such as air drying, a heated seat, and personal wash jets, it’s a much nicer experience all round.

Make-up Tables

Everyone spends time in front of the mirror taking care of our skin. Between morning prep and nighttime regimens, you need a spot with everything at your fingertips to help you slow down and encourages you to enjoy the peaceful ritual of daily self-care. Add a small makeup area dressed with a chic standup mirror and glamorous accessories to match.

Conservation is Key

Shower heads, toilets, and faucets have all become more water-efficient in recent years, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary WaterSense program, which labels products that are 20 percent more efficient than federal standards. Elaborate showers and multiple fixtures and body sprays are being traded in for a more, modest showering experience that uses much less water. Engineering advances have created luxurious showering experiences, using a fraction of the water.

Combining the right elements of your perfect bathroom can create a space that is sure to be your favorite room in the house!

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