5 Reasons a Tub to Shower Conversion Should Be in Your Future!…

Do you ever use your bathtub as a bathtub? Is you bathroom showing its age? A simple thing like converting your tub into a shower can really make your life easier and give your bathroom a whole new look! Check out the following 5 reasons a tub to shower conversion could be just what you need… 

Maximized You Floor Space

If you have a small space for your bathroom, a tub to shower conversion will help you gain some room. Showers take up less room and there are a ton of ways to build your shower to make it work great in a small space.

Give Yourself More Comfort

Sometimes nothing is like a good shower to relieve some stress and work out some aches and pains. Custom shower accessories can help you experience better health. Maybe you’d like ADA approved grab bars. Maybe you want a rain shower shower-head. Maybe you want some side jets to massage your body. It’s all up to you!

Update the Look of Your Bathroom

An old, outdated, dirty, or rusty tub is an eyesore and a new modern shower will have you enjoying your bathroom again. Most remodeling will only take a short amount of time if you keep your plumbing in the same spot!

A Safer Way to Wash

Bathtubs can be hard to get in and get out of. They are also scary to shower in when you’re worried about slipping. Maybe a barrier free shower or a wheel-in shower is right down your alley. A shower will make it safer for you to clean yourself.

Save Yourself Some Time

It takes less time to take a shower than a bath and most people will use less water. Put that time and savings to work for you in other ways!

A great designer and remodeler can help you every step of the way. American Bath has a lot of experience designing and installing bathrooms on time and on budget!

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