6 Easy Bathroom Remodel Tips For Selling (or Flipping!) a Home

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but bathrooms are a close second. Usually, homes have more than one bathroom, making their remodel all the more important. New buyers appreciate clean, renovated bathrooms, and are willing to pay top dollar to get them. Follow these 6 easy bathroom remodel tips in order to get the most bang for your remodel buck. The following are 6 tips for an easy bathroom remodel…

Make a Plan!

Before beginning any new projects, make your plan of action. Maybe you need a new sink but will keep the old mirror. Maybe the fixed appliances, such as the toilet, shower, etc., are fine but you want to knock out a wall. Planning ahead, in detail, will allow you to estimate the cost of the renovation and evaluate if it makes economic sense. Your plan will also make sure you stay on target throughout the entire renovation.


You will want to do your demolition, if any, at the beginning of the project. Demolition includes knocking down walls, taking out old appliances, or stripping the floor. If you begin adding new items before the demolition is over you risk destroying them and having to start all over, resulting in wasted time and money.

Change the Fixtures

Changing the fixtures in a bathroom can change the entire feel of the room at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. Items such as door hinges, light fixtures, towel racks, sink faucets, faucet handles, and shower heads are easy to purchase and install yourself, but can make a big difference in a small space. For example, adding a rainshower showerhead can turn the bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Don’t forget to always get matching fixtures. New buyers will notice the inconsistencies.


Like in the rest of the house, old, dim lighting can make the bathroom seem dreary and dated. Bright lighting can make the bathroom feel more welcoming. For those on a tight budget, simply buy higher wattage light bulbs and install into fixtures. You’ll instantly liven up the space at a price you’ll love.

Don’t Forget the Toilet

Dirty or rusty toilets turn buyers off, but buying an entire new toilet might cost more than you want to spend. In this case, consider replacing the toilet seat. A new toilet seat can be the equivalent to a facelift for your toilet. Consider a soft-close toilet seat and never have to worry about slamming the seat again.

Clean It Up

Finally, take your bathroom over the top with a top-to-bottom, thorough cleaning. When was the last time you dusted the light fixtures or cleaned the cobwebs from the ceiling? Buyers will notice, especially if you’ve updated the lighting, as suggested in tip #4.

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