A Brief Guide That Will Help You Pick The Right Sink For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project…


A bathroom renovation is a great improvement for a homeowner because statistics confirm that 50 percent of your investment would be recouped when you sell your home. In this article, we would like to give you a few things to consider before selecting and installing a new bathroom sink.

What Is Your budget?

The first thing to do is to create a budget and determine what you can afford. Knowing will make it easier to choose a style and material that you would like for your bathroom. It will keep you from looking at the top of the line, if you have decided it is the middle of the line you can afford.

How Big is Your Bathroom?

Do your measurements before you go shopping so you know your remodeling options. Also, pay attention to the hinge side of the cabinetry.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

Do you want storage and cabinetry or do you want a sink style that forgoes cabinetry? Do you want storage space or floor space?

What are the Maintenance Requirements?

Many materials can be used to construct bathroom sinks. Solid surface and ceramic sinks are easy to clean and require very little maintenance to retain their integrity some homeowners don’t think they add much to the aesthetic value of the space. If you want to add some designer flair to your new bathroom, choose a sink made from tempered glass or natural stone. A glass sink bowl will need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the development of water spots. Natural stone basins will need to be sealed periodically to ensure they remain watertight.

What Materials Should Be Used?

Sinks are made in several different types of materials for you to choose from…

  • Porcelain – A porcelain sink’s durability is due to its construction. Some sinks are solid porcelain, but the most durable have a steel or cast iron core covered with a baked-on porcelain finish. The nonporous porcelain finish also is resistant to heat. Porcelain is susceptible to chips and stains.
  • Ceramic – Widely available, aesthetically diverse, easy to maintain, and readily affordable – it’s not hard to see why ceramic sinks are among the most common sights in bathrooms all over the world. Ceramic makes a fantastic choice for busier bathrooms.
  • Stone – Stone sinks come in a wide array of styles, from the most rustic soapstone to the sleekest marble. Stone sinks are as durable as they are beautiful, but they are not indestructible. There are some differences between types of stone, which has a bearing on their care and maintenance, so be sure you know exactly what kind of stone sink you have. These sinks cannot be cleaned with abrasive chemicals and they must be resealed once or twice each year to retain their natural shine.
  • Glass – The glass sink is made of tempered glass which is stronger than regular glass and heat resistant. However, like glass, it can still be broken if dropped or struck.

What Style of Sink is Best for Your Bathroom?

Plan ahead by reviewing popular sink styles for your bathroom before you go shopping:

  • Undermount Sink – Installed underneath the countertop, under-mount sinks are growing in popularity because they’re easy to clean and offer a seamless appearance. Set beneath marble countertops, this bathroom’s white basin sink gives the space a clean-cut, contemporary feel.
  • Vessel Sink – A stylish choice for contemporary bathrooms, a vessel sink is a basin that sits on top of the counter.
  • Pedestal Sink – A pedestal sink is a basin that is supported by a freestanding pedestal leg. Pedestal sinks take up very little floor space and are easy to clean around, making them a great option for both large and small bathrooms. It is worth knowing that these sinks do not have any counter space or cabinetry.
  • Wall-Mounted Sink – Supported solely by the wall, wall-mounted sinks free up floor space and are arguably the easiest to clean. These sinks can be more challenging to install as plumbing must be positioned inside of the wall for an aesthetic look.

Installing a bathroom sink can be difficult based on the sink style, material and the design of your home. Hiring a professional will give you some great remodeling inspiration, sometimes bathroom sink installation requires a higher level of skill and should be left to the professionals.

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