Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas on a Budget…

It may not seem possible, but a inexpensive bathroom remodel is absolutely attainable. Popular home remodeling culture makes it appear that all bathroom remodels must cost a lot and that everything must be ripped away and replaced. But resisting that notion is the first step to deflating spiraling bathroom remodel costs and bringing everything back down to earth. It is possible that you may simply have to tone down the grandiosity of your plan. We would like to share some tips for remaking your bathroom on a low budget.

Tile Can Get Expensive

One good tip is to only use tile for fairly major areas such as the floor rather than use it for the walls. Use a less expensive tile and make the room pop with a decorative tile along the edges.

Power of Paint

Painting adds a new life to your room do not underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can bring. Bathrooms experience a lot of moisture and humidity so you will want to use high quality paint with a satin finish.


High-definition laminate countertops and quartz countertops now vie with granite for the look of authentic natural stone. Faux-stone ceramic and porcelain tile backslashes can mimic the look of travertine and marble.


The smallest details can make the boldest statement. From replacing light fixtures to switching out drawer handles, these inexpensive bathroom renovations completely change the look and feel of your space. Install a new sink faucet, drain and handles. Refresh the hardware on your vanity with brushed nickel, brass, or copper. Update your floor register to match your new hardware.

Tub and Shower

Touch up your tub rather than refinishing It. One step down from refinishing the entire tub surface is a tub touch up. When your bathtub has nicks, gouges, and peeling paint, but you are not keen on the idea of refinishing the entire surface, you can spot-fix the tub. Some touch-up products, such as Super Glue White Porcelain Repair, are as easy to apply as squeezing toothpaste out of a tube.

Caulking and Grout

Replace your caulk and grout with a fresh layer. It will add to the overall clean look of your bathroom. Remember water can leak through the cracks of the grout or caulk and can cost you all kinds of money down the line so re-caulking and re-grouting are extremely practical.

Going Green

If you replace your toilet with the new low flow toilet and replace the shower head with an environmentally made one, you will save on your monthly water bills.

Keep Your Plumbing in Place

Work within your current plumbing configuration. Moving major plumbing or installing new water pipes will overflow your budget during a bathroom renovation, so don’t move your water supply and drainage.

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