Bathroom Design Tips – How Design a Safe Bathroom for the Elderly That Is Both Stylish and Functional…

Most bathrooms are not designed for aging and elderly people, but there are adjustments you can take to make the area safer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bathroom injuries happen more often to elderly people. If you need to make changes for an elderly parent or yourself or family member there are numerous ways you can change the bathroom space.

Grab Bars

A simple fix for the shower is to add grab bars to help support older persons when getting into or out of the shower. You would want to install a wall bar parallel to the ground. Adding the bar around the toilet will help someone remain more steady when getting on and off the seat.


As we age, so does our vision, so brightening up the bathroom is necessary. It doesn’t mean you need to spend money on new fixtures simply replacing bulbs can brighten your room.

Knobs and Handles

Take a look at your bathroom doors, cabinets and faucet knobs. An elderly person may have trouble grasping things and find it difficult to turn knobs, changing to larger knobs can help them get a better grasp.

Bath Mats

You don’t want your elderly parent or yourself to slip in the tub! Be sure there is a safe nonslip mat or surface to prevent falls.

Transfer Chair

As we age it gets harder to lift our legs to get into or out of the bathtub. Adding a transfer chair can help the elderly get over the side of the chair much easier and it’s not an expensive fix.

Wheelchair Access

As we age we may lose some mobility that might make it necessary to use a wheelchair. Most bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible, therefore, you may need to widen a doorway or raise the height of a sink. These options usually require a professional contractor.


Tile or marble floors tend to be slippery, especially for the elderly. Look for nonslip floors if you are planning to replace the floor surface.


A higher toilet is a good investment for safety of elderly, it makes it much easier access for on and off the toilet. If you don’t want to hire a plumber to replace your toilet, you can purchase an adjustable seat. The seat can add several inches of extra height and is easily attached to your existing toilet.

There are many other options available for safety of elderly for your bathroom and throughout your home. Even simple adjustments can make life easier as you age or if you are caring for an elderly person.

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