Bathroom Design Tips – What to Consider When Converting a Tub Into a Shower

Do you have an old bathtub in your house you’re unhappy with? You are right on trend with these thoughts, as many other homeowners are currently converting their old bathtubs into showers. For marketability and resale it is nice to keep at least one bathtub in your house, but if you have more than one bathroom or are happy to stay in your current home, you should have the shower that you want! Below are your options for converting your tub to a shower.

Decision…Curbed or Curbless Floors

The floor of your shower, also known as a shower pan, helps determine the style of the rest of the shower. You have two basic types to choose from…

  • Shower Pans with Curbs – Forms a barrier between water spray and the floor, so it is fully contained. Water is funneled to the drain. The simplest and most common option.
  • Curbless Shower Stalls – Also called Barrier-Free Showers. The floor of your bathroom and your shower flow into each other, so the drainage slope must be built below the level of the surrounding flooring. The shower pan must be lowered into the floor, or the rest of the bathroom flooring must be raised.

You have several options for converting your bathtub to a shower. Each is a different process and different cost. It’s always best to hire a professional so that can do it right the first time.

Shower Stall Kits

The economical option is a pre-made shower stall kit. These are usually fiberglass or acrylic. The floor pans include curbs and are skid-proof. These kits include hinged glass doors, drain holes, and a built-in slope. They come in numerous sizes and shapes to fit any type of space, and can even include extras like built-in shelves and seats. The pieces come individually, which makes installations relatively simple and fast.

Tiled Shower with Curbs

A tiled shower with a curb is a nice, customizable option. They are built on site and you can choose your finishes. This option includes a curb that is generally covered in glass or tiles. The shower pans are either fiberglass or one-piece products. You can also make a custom shower pan out of mortar. Then, you cover them with a vinyl membrane or waterproof rubber, more mortar, and finish with your choice of tile.

Curbless Showers

Curbless showers require specially-made shower pans. This pan is then installed to fit level with the subflooring around it. This way, tile can be laid in a continuous layer over the entire bathroom and shower floor. If you have slab flooring, part of it must be removed in order to install the shower pan. This can be a messy job. Don’t forget to call a professional for the hard part!

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