Bathroom Organization Tips – How to Make the Most Out of a Small Bathroom Space

Does your bathroom provide enough storage solutions for you, or are you left feeling cramped with all your belongings on the bathroom sink? If you picked the latter, you are not alone. Modern bathrooms often do not have enough storage space for modern consumers. Below are 7 tips for bathroom organization that will change your space into the serene oasis you always wanted.

Install a Shelf Above the Sink

In order to keep your belongings from falling into the sink, consider installing a small shelf above the sink. It won’t block your mirror because it is too low, but it will get your items off the sink itself, making your brain think you have more room. Keep daily items here, like soap and a toothbrush.

Install a Shelf Above the Door

Why stop at a shelf above the sink when there is plenty of usable space above the door as well? Install a small shelf for things like linens and towels and you won’t even notice the shorter ceiling height. Plus, if you don’t have a linen closet this might be the perfect place for one.

Add Hooks to the Back of the Door

Speaking of the door, if you install hooks on it you can easily store robes or towels there. Since the door will usually be open, you’ll rarely see these larger items, but you’ll have them within each reach when you do need them.

Put Drawers Inside Your Cabinets

Drawers maximize efficiency in cabinets because you can reach all your belongings, even those stored in the back of the cabinet. Go one step further and add drawer organizers so all of your items have a home. Put all items in their home every night and your bathroom will always stay organized.

Use the Space Under the Bathroom Sink

If you already have drawers in your bathroom cabinets, you might as well put some under the sink as well. This space is often overlooked, but can be a great place to store items that are less often used, such as cleaning supplies.

Install Hanging Wall Racks

Still need more storage? Hanging wall racks might be just what you need. Add one to the side of your bathroom sink and store your hair tools or hair brushes there.

Use the Space Above the Toilet

It might seem like a no-brainer, but many people don’t properly utilize the space above their toilets for storage. Add a bathroom organizer or a small cabinet over the toilet to use space that is unusable for anything else.

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