Bathroom Remodeling Tips – 4 Ideas for Decorating the Space Behind Your Toilet

The hardest place to decorate in a bathroom is the awkward space behind the toilet. Do you leave it bare? Will you hit your head if you install something? No one really looks at it, so is it even worth the effort of decorating? Below are 4 easy ideas for decorating the space behind your toilet.



Extra Organization

If you aren’t fond of the other ideas, remember that extra organization space is always useful. You could install shelving or a cabinet to hold your extra toiletries or towels. The possibilities for the shelving or cabinet are endless. You could add traditional shelving, floating shelves, or even recessed shelves. Consider the style of the rest of your house and make the best choice for you.

Add a Towel Rack

A cost effective solution could be as simple as adding a towel rack above the toilet and buying some decorative towels. Guests can easily find your towels this way and you can also change out the towels as often as you’d like to give the bathroom a different style.

Install an Art Gallery

Turn the wall into an art gallery by displaying a favorite print or handmade piece. The bathroom is a small enough space that the artwork could be your main design inspiration for the whole room. You could choose one large, bold piece or several smaller, related pieces. Artwork gives you and your guests something interesting to look at and think about while at the sink or in the bath. Finally, it helps personalize the room.

Create a Message Board

People often write messages to each other in the kitchen, but if you don’t want the extra clutter, consider adding a message board in your bathroom. You could install a white board, memo board, or chalk board and write your daily reminders to yourself and others there. After all, the one place everyone in the family always goes each day is the bathroom.

The space behind the toilet can be difficult to design, but if you follow any of the above tips you’re sure to find something you love that expresses your personal style.

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