Bathroom Remodeling Tips – How to Renovate Your Bathroom to Be More Like a Spa!

Do you want a place that feels like and oasis, to pamper yourself, and enjoy peace and relaxation? That’s what a spa bathroom can do , they are designed to help you feel relaxed and tranquil. Imagine a quiet place with aromatic candles and fresh towels, while you enjoy sipping a glass of your favorite wine. These are things you probably things you associate with a spa. You can create your own spa-like bathroom with your own ideas, but here are some additional thoughts to consider.

Install a Massage Shower Head System

Don’t skimp on the shower head if you are going to have a shower. Nothing is more relaxing then the soothing feeling of warm water pouring over.

Mood Lighting

The goal is soft and soothing light in your spa-like bathroom remodel. Recessed ceiling lights or wall-scones with dimming switches are a good addition.

Confine Your Bathtub

Create a barrier wall around your bathtub to screen yourself from distractions.

Calming Music

A spa isn’t complete without relaxing music to calm your nerves and help you relax. Add speakers in the ceiling or walls with surround sound.

Calming Fragrances

A spa is a place for relaxation, so adding a calming aroma to your experience is essential. You can enjoy your favorite scent by adding candles, scented oils or a fragrance diffuser, or even bath salts. Candles have the extra advantage to help you relax visually while enjoying your favorite fragrance.

Tub Embellishments

What’s a spa if you don’t have those special accessories needed to help you relax? Equip your bath with bubble bath, scented soap or oils, or whatever helps you to unwind. Be sure to keep them organized and within easy reach of your bathtub.

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