Bathroom Remodeling Tips – Ideas For Building a Kid Friendly Bathroom…

Do you live in a home with a bathroom you can designate specifically to the kids? You can design that room according to a style that works for them, keeping your adult bathroom kids free! A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home so you want to be sure the kids bathroom is really kid friendly.

Children’s Interest

When designing your children’s bathroom keep in mind what gets them excited and what they enjoy. Think about their ages and what they like to play with or what movies they’re thrilled about. If you have only girls, consider a princess theme, it could consist of a Disney princess or any fairy tale book. If the bathroom is used by both boys and girls use a theme they both enjoy such as pets, sports, camping or even the beach. The theme of the bathroom is important, however, when designing a kid friendly room there are other elements to consider before you begin.

Practical Aspect

The theme part of designing a bathroom is the fun of it, but you also need consider the practicality for your children. You room needs to be safe, and not only from breaking glass or other things. We all know kids really like water and they like to splash! Consider what your counter tops & cabinets are made of. Are they stain resistant and waterproof, and most of all, effortless to maintain?


Create a plan to keep the bathroom organized and teach your children that everything has a place. Have a basket or cabinet for the kids to put their laundry to eliminate wet towels and clothing being left on the floor.


Let’s face it, the most important aspect to a children’s bathroom is their safety. We don’t want them to slip and fall in the tub or while reaching over the sink. You can select lower cabinets if your budget permits, or just add non slip stools for easier access to the sink and cabinets. Adding nonslip mats to the tub or shower, or even a safety bar the kids can hold on to, creates a safer bathroom.

Going Green

Create the bathroom with eco-friendly items to help the quality of our planet. This will also encourage your children to be aware of the benefits of going green to protect our world while maintaining their health. The use of fans in your bathroom will circulate air and help prevent condensation and mold issues.

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