Creating a Style Book Before You Remodel Your Bathroom Helps Your Contractor Create the Bathroom YOU Want…

Good Bathroom Remodelers have a ton of great style ideas for your new Bathroom Remodel but you want to make sure you new bathroom fits YOUR style. We suggest you create a Bathroom Style Book before calling a Contractor to build or remodel your bathroom. 

Create a Bathroom Style Book

Using images you find online and in home design magazines will get your inspired. From there you can mix and match the best ideas and styles you find. Print out online images and tear out magazine pages and put them in a binder. Your favorite style will emerge over time. Maybe you like a frameless shower? Maybe you love vessel sinks.

Pass It On To Your Bathroom Contractor

The homework you do to create the Bathroom Style Book will also give your contractor ideas. The are in the trenches everyday and know what appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and more will work with your style. It the perfect way to collaborate and build a new design that you will love. Your contractor will be able to add ideas that provide your style and at the same time stay practical enough to keep your project on budget.

View Some Recent Trends in Bathroom Design…

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