What You Need to Know Before You Remodel Your Bathroom…

When it comes to the bathroom, there’s a lot going on in a relatively small space. Focus on style and function. Remodeling the bathroom is one of most cost effective ways to increase the value of your home. If or when you make the decision to remodel your bathroom then what??? Plan, plan, plan and then some more planning. It will all be worth it in the end but starting a bathroom remodel is scary, exciting and nerve racking. We would like to offer some tips and tricks for planning a bathroom remodel.

Time Frame

You need time to fully think out a plan so that you can decide what parts of the remodeling project you can realistically do yourself and what parts you should hire out. Do you have another bathroom in your home to use during the remodel or will you have to make arrangements to stay with family or friends. Do you have a date that the project must be completed by?

Make a List

Write down everything that will have to be done. For example: new tiling, lighting, fixtures’, cabinets, will you be moving walls? Or maybe adding another sink? How about a standalone shower? This list will come in handy for the budget.

Find Inspiration

Collect ideas that you love and start a favorite’s poster. Do you want a drop in tub? Do you love subway tile? Grout color? Do you like different grout color for walls and floor? What about vanity lights? Look at lots of pictures and really think about exactly what you love about each one. Then start your budget.

Completing the Project

Learn how to hire the right professionals for your bathroom renovation and find out what projects you may be able to do yourself. Do you need someone to move plumbing? Add lighting? Do you feel comfortable tiling yourself? Let your professional contractor help you with these decisions.

Special Orders

Plan in advance just in case you have to special order. Usually you can find in stock products but if you do need to special order it does hold up the installation a few days.

The Little Things

It may seem mundane, but something as simple as where the outlets will go can have a huge impact on your morning routine. Do you charge your phone in the bathroom? Use hair dryer or other devices? Now is when you will want to make a plan for how you’ll access the power source. Other considerations may include things like where you should put the toilet or even where you will keep the toilet paper. How high do you want the lights? Will you have one three light wall sconce or two two light sconces? With so much going on during a remodel, it would be a shame to make a knee-jerk decision you won’t be happy with because you didn’t make the time to plan for it.

Decisions on Tile and Fixtures

The best way to begin selecting these essentials is to visit a bathroom showroom where you can see and try—and ask questions. Your designer will guide you through the selection process and make recommendations, as will a professional in a plumbing showroom who is well-versed in the latest technologies. Keep your inspiration pictures in mind and take pictures on your phone of what you like in the store. Include prices in the phone photos for easy reference later.


Congratulations on your new bathroom! Now it’s time to make it look nice with the right towels, mats, soap holders, accessories and more. And if you have kids, don’t forget to childproof your bathroom

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