Modern Bathroom Technology Is Making It’s Way to 21st Century Bathrooms Near You!

Technology doesn’t just mean computers anymore. Modern technology has come up with new, innovative options for your bathroom. Keep up with the latest bathroom technology trends by reading on.


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has extended to the bathroom. Now, you can contribute to saving the world from your own bathroom. Ways to incorporate an eco-friendly design include rock or bamboo flooring, and using restored tiles and wood as wall treatments.

Advanced Technology

More well-known technology can also be brought into the bathroom for a modern feel. For example, bringing a flat-screen TV into the bathroom and placing it in an unobtrusive place can allow you to watch the morning news or your favorite show as you get ready for work.

Add Some Curves

Typical bathrooms have mostly rigid lines, the counter top, the shower stall, etc., but how many times have you bumped into the corners and hurt yourself? Modern bathrooms are adding more curved lines to their design. Egg-shaped bathtubs and bowls instead of sinks are just two examples of ways to add curves to your bathroom.

A Relaxing Retreat

People are spending more time in their bathrooms than ever. Why not consider turning yours into a relaxing retreat for the time you do spend there? You could add a rain shower head, aromatherapy, or heated towel rack. The sky is the limit!

Glass Accessories

Glass features are a modern addition to any bathroom. They can bring more light and flow to a space. You can bring in glass tiles, glass cabinet doors, and glass sinks to accomplish this. You can even consider adding a glass chandelier for additional elegance.

Coming to a Bathroom Near You!

  • Spa options, like body sprays, air tubs, Japanese soaking tubs, and steam rooms.
  • Open showers the blend the bathroom and shower into one.
  • Bathtubs with options for constantly heated water.
  • Fireplaces, to give a more cozy feeling.
  • Shower benches, higher toilets, wall toilets, and more walk-in showers.

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