Safety Tips You Can Integrate Into Your Bathroom Remodeling Project…

Bathroom safety is an important issue that doesn’t get much attention from homeowners. Why? Because it isn’t sexy. We don’t question putting handrails on stairs for safety, but we do question handrails in wet, soapy and slippery places. Every year 250,000 Americans ages 15 and up are injured due to falling in the bathroom. An additional 8,000 children suffer fall-related injuries each day — with two-thirds taking place in the bathtub or shower. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the medical cost of these occurrences alone was $30 billion. With the recent trend in aging in place, modern bathroom remodels have taken on a more safety-conscious aesthetic. It does not mean you have to sacrifice beauty for function because you can have both. Here are safety tips you can integrate into your bathroom remodel…

Slip Resistant Flooring

Now’s your chance. If you’re building or remodeling a bathroom, check out simple but effective safety measures. They’ll keep your bathroom 100 percent attractive. Reduce the likelihood of a family member taking a spill by installing slip resistant flooring. No need for rubbery mats. This style of flooring can also be installed in the bottom of the bathtub or shower base.

Consider a Walk-in Shower

Walk-In Safety Showers offer seniors and the handicapped with the most convenient and safe way to take a shower. With sliding doors and a low curb entry, entering and exiting this shower is made simple and is sure to eliminate the likelihood of falling and injuring oneself. A walk-in shower can also be fitted with a built-in seat or bench that matches the wall surround and elegantly blends into the rest of your bathroom.

Scald Protection

Use Anti-Scald Valves. A handheld shower head that has a built-in anti scald device protects against burns by reducing scalding water to a trickle. The water often needs to be manually remixed to the proper temperature. These valves also regulate water pressure, preventing a sudden burst of hot water if someone redirects the cold water supply elsewhere in your home.

Grab Bars Offer Extra Security

Install grab bars around the bathroom and in the shower. There are several choices of beautiful and durable grab bars that add style and safety to your bathroom. Install them alongside toilets, sinks and in showers for convenience and support. Grab bars offer extra security for family members of all ages while maneuvering around the bathroom. Use a grab bar for a towel rack, people have a tendency to pull or lean on towel racks for support. Replace that rack with a grab bar that’s indistinguishable. Consider choosing grab bars with a textured surface to offer a better grip.

Prepare for a Wheelchair Entrance Way

Expand your options. The typical bathroom doorway is 24 to 28 inches wide. It is a good idea while doing this remodel to expand the entrance to at least 32 inches. In addition to the larger size doorway have the door swing outward as that does not restrict space inside the bathroom.

Light Up the Bathroom

Install an automatic nightlight and illuminating light switches or switch plates. Avoid trips, slips, and injuries in the dark. Make sure your bathroom has adequate ceiling and wall mounted lights so that there are no dark or shadowy areas where a fallen hairbrush or towel could become a hidden tripping hazard. Make sure the area leading to the bathroom is lighted also so you can be sure in the middle of the night no one will trip.

Choosing a Comfort-Height Toilet

A suggestion for one toilet in the home when selecting a new toilet if you use a walker, wheelchair, or you are trying to make your home livable for all ages would be to consider a toilet at lest two inches taller than a standard toilet to aid aging family members. If you have small children opt for an elevated seat attachment so you can adjust the sitting height as needed. Or install a children’s potty in another bathroom.

Wall Mounted Sink

Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are especially popular with the Aging In Place movement, which seeks to preserve dignity and independence by keeping elderly individuals in their own homes as they age. Wheelchair sinks installed in the home can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual users. It will also make the area easier to clean. Keep in mind that single handle, lever-style faucets are a good fit for those with limited hand strength and dexterity.

The Medicine Cabinet

You should take significant precautions to secure your medicine cabinet and keep your children and teens safe. It’s also important to remember that senior citizens living in your home should be protected, too. Drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, can be very dangerous and even life threatening if used incorrectly. Safeguard the contents of your medicine cabinet by installing a child-proof lock.

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