Tips For Designing and Planning a Traditional Bathroom Design Style…

There are four distinct design styles, contemporary, transitional, rustic, and traditional. Each has its own distinct characteristic. Knowing your design style will give you the confidence you need to get one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams. With so many design choices and style options, it can be hard to figure out your personal preferences. Before you go with what someone else tells you to do on TV or in a magazine, consider these avenues for inspiration—things important in your life and in your home. Whether you are a fan of sleek elegance, rustic warmth, vintage touches, or maybe a combination of these, can be intimidating. You will be deciding about flooring, wall tiles, furniture, and fixtures and even fabrics to pull off the look you want for your new bathroom. In this post we will be talking about Traditional design for your bathroom remodel…

What is Traditional Bathroom Design?

The traditional design is warm and familiar with deep roots in 19th century European decor. The style is formal featuring classic architectural detail, natural stone, rich wood, and vintage fixtures. If you appreciate classic styles and elegant touches this may be the style for you. Traditional style does not mean stuffy or outdated. We would like to list the elements that creates the timeless traditional look in this article.

Traditional Bathroom Surfaces

Traditional decorating is calm, orderly, and predictable. There is nothing wild or chaotic in a traditional bathroom. Warm tones and dark woods set the stage. A soapstone, marble, or slate counter top with added time honored embellishment such as graceful curves would be the style. Dark wood floors are a mainstay but do not choose real wood for a bathroom instead opt for engineered wood flooring because water is no match for its no-nonsense construction.

Traditional Bathroom Fixtures

Classical bathroom designs feel more like a relaxing spa given their elegant hues and luxurious touches. A porcelain sink on a rich cherry wood pedestal with oil rubbed bronze hardware fit the bill. Copper and brass also work well in a traditional bathroom. Choose a satin finish. Typically the bath or shower is the centerpiece, a claw foot tub or a walk in shower with a natural stone wall offer a fine touch. Add character to the traditional bathroom with an antique chandelier or candelabra.

Traditional Bathroom Furniture

Rounded legs, carved door faces and ornate knobs define cabinets and vanities in traditional bathrooms. Vanities look more like pieces of furniture in traditional settings and their function is usually hidden and while their artistry is showcased. You’ll quite often see separate armoiries or vertical cabinets used as linen closets. Consider adding built-ins for storage. Keeping in line with a detailed space, no area is spared when it comes to molding. It is prevalent on ceilings, armoiries and cabinets. Wainscoting, bold wallpaper and detailed mill work are also common.

Traditional Bathroom Fabrics

Hang thick , monogrammed towels over muted metal towel racks. Use muted tones for elegant traditional space. White window coverings draped over an arched window framed in wide moldings would be a hallmark look.

Traditional But Stylish Add-ons

Another reason transitional bathrooms are so popular is the sheer beauty of the design. Bathrooms today are transitioning from a place of basic necessities to a space of luxury. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, designers and homeowners are implementing luxurious features such as chandeliers, saunas, free-standing tubs, and heated floors.

The overall ambiance of traditional decor is homey, understated, and non-jarring. Be sure and show your personality in your new bathroom remodel. Go with your gut and choose elements that strike just the right mood for you.

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