Tips For Designing and Planning a Rustic Bathroom…

Rustic style bathrooms have evolved over the years and the modern version of this look can range from vintage farmhouse to urban contemporary. From original hardwood floors to vintage claw foot tubs, there’s something irresistible about a rustic bathroom. And thanks to its charming and welcoming nature, rustic decor is a timeless bathroom theme. Plus, rustic themes work well in homes from any decade. If you are drawn to the outdoor, love hunting for vintage treasures and find beauty in organic elements, the rustic style is perfect for you. Let’s break down the elements of the rustic style.


The colors of rustic style decorating are deep and natural, with a relaxed and welcoming vibe. With the strong presence of natural and rustic details, these colors have a balancing effect for those strong elements. In the nature-inspired color palette, they are any tone you may find in the outdoors, beige, chestnut, salmon, burgundy, pale gold, ocher. The neutral shades will serve as a perfect background for bold accents of color such as red, green and indigo to set your rustic vibe. Bleach colors on any surface can be used from walls and doors to ceilings.


Wood is probably the most common element in a rustic bathroom. But that doesn’t mean it has to be used in ordinary ways, and it also doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t look luxurious. Wood can be reserved for specific elements, such as cabinets and vanities. But, it can also be used as paneling, molding, and ceiling cover. The boundaries of what traditional rustic bathrooms aim for is usually a gentle balance between wood and other elements. If creating a wow factor is at the top of your list, consider an all-wood theme. Consider a soapstone or reclaimed oak counter top paired with natural cork or slate tile flooring. Cover the walls in rough-hewn wood planks, shiplap or bead board to add texture. While the rustic look is based on time-worn, natural finishes, a sleek touch can be a welcome addition to all of that texture. A glass sink bowl and a walk in glass shower can blend well with the rustic look.


Opt for weathered fixtures. An aged bronze faucet paired with a vessel style sink bowl made of the same material adds a cool element. If you would like farmhouse chic choose a natural stone sink basin like sandstone or onyx. Warm tones mixing with metal such as copper, matte brass or antique gold fit the farmhouse rustic vibe. A copper bathtub with vintage porcelain knobs could be the perfect centerpiece for the rustic chic style. If you would rather have a shower opt for a stone flooring, a rainfall shower head, and a vein cut natural stone wall surround.


Looking for new ways to add natural beauty and the goodness of nature to your remodel. Live-edge decor (the natual edge of the wood) provides the perfect unique opportunity to do so. Live edge furniture is currently a hot trend that is growing more popular, with each passing day. And one of the favorites is the live-edge vanity top in the bathroom that brings home the wow factor! Repurposed pieces are another big trend in rustic design. An old wooden ladder can be up-cycled to serve as a clever towel rack or a retro kitchen cupboard can become a charming medicine cabinet.


Consider a rug woven from jute and a sturdy ticking strip shower curtain. Cloth and other materials used in rustic bathrooms should be raw making them feel durable. Use wooden shelves and wicker baskets to provide storage space for essentials. You will want plush and comfortable linens but keep them in the rustic style by selecting natural tones like tan, gray or cream.

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